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Benefits of Online Marking Software

Marking can be hectic for an individual especially when done for long hours. Human beings are prone to error, and this also applies to marking of exams manually. It is now possible to have exams marked online by a software. When dealing with a large group an individual will need a marking software which will be in a position to handle a lot more. The marking software should have all the required tool and qualities to serve. An individual using an online making software enjoys the following gains.

First and foremost, an individual enjoys convenient speed when using the online marking software. Some people, however, are considered to have speed this, however, cannot be compared to that of an online marking software. In most cases tutor may have one to four classes which they are supposed to examine. If a lot of time is taken dealing with the scripts than the possibility of others getting lost is possible. The examiners also do not suffer from burnout.

the quality of marking is maintained. When marking exams manually, it is not uncommon to make some mistakes. In most cases due to a lot of work examiners have to go through they do not counter check their work; thus the mistakes stick affecting the examines. An online marking software can only make errors if the programing itself is wrongly done. In cases where the examiners have no idea on how to work with the online marking software they should consider bringing a software engineer to help.

An examiner can also protect the identity of the examinees by maintaining their identity through the online marking software. Many are the times where results are manipulated by either the examiner or examinees who might get the chance to find the scoring spreadsheet. At times the examiner tends to award more marks to candidates whom they know. Most of the marking software allow their candidates to view a part of the section which contains results. An examining body should, therefore, make sure that the online marking software cannot be hacked.

When dealing with online marking software, it is easy to moderate the pass rates. Different views while marking brings about the difference in scoring on candidates. It is not unlikely to find an examiner who fails a candidate simply because they did not understand their answer, yet it is correct. Some markers may have high passing rates while others may have low passing rates. In this sense, a candidate is therefore equipped with information on which areas to focus on when taking the next exams. The online marking software can also provide past papers to candidates.

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